March Madness (2017)

Beware the Ides of March, or March Madness - which is more synonymous with the month? Caesar has been dead forever, and no one wants to talk about dictators being overthrown by one of their cronies - especially in this dicey political climate. So let’s discuss some college basketball’s biggest event, the NCAA Tournament in March Madness.

The opening rounds start in Dayton, OH (Dayton. Flyers. Go UD. Gooooooo Dayton Flyers!) before moving to a gaggle of cities. March Madness is exciting for a multitude of reasons: David beating Goliath, gambling, and living vicariously through young athletes. Unless you’re a fan of a perennial Final Four favorite, everyone loves an underdog. Unless you’re morally, ethically, or religiously opposed, the game is always a little more fun with a couple bucks riding on the result. Here's a quick rundown of the cities involved in March Madness (2017)


A number 16 seed has never beaten a number 1 during March Madness, with the closest being when East Tennessee State led by Keith “Mister” Jennings lost to University of Oklahoma by one stinkin’ point. So once again we will cheer for the clear underdogs in the first round. Go 16 seeds! America needs you to bust brackets everywhere!

Of course pretending to be a star athlete from a no-name school, sinking a game-winning shot in the closing seconds to send a Duke or a Tar Heel-esque team packing is a dream come true. But winning your office pool is a much more realistic goal. So remember to fill out your bracket because Johnny Ex-All-American high school athlete has just a good of chance at winning the March Madness pool as Marjorie, from accounting, who always brings her own lunch and hates sports.

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Jeremy Milikow