Don’t let anyone tell you that COACHELLA – the premiere music event for millennials based in Indio, a small California community appropriately nicknamed “the city of festivals” – is a soulless version of Woodstock, more interested in capitalist pursuits than promoting diverse musical appreciation and exploration. It’s simply one of the premiere music festivals in the world, and a social experience that rivals Burning Man in contemporary event history. Also, pardon our cynicism, but we all do a little revisionist history with Woodstock.

“Peace, love, and cold-hard cash.” That should have been the official mantra of the original 1969 Woodstock. Woodstock Ventures launched the Woodstock festival and charged $18 (which equates to $120 in 2016) in advance and $24 ($160 in 2016) for tickets at the gate. 186,000 tickets were sold in advance with an anticipated audience of 200,000. The organizers stopped charging when approximately 400-500 thousand showed up and their profit target was eclipsed. At least the performers were paid: Jimi Hendrix got the most at 30K, while Janis Joplin got 7.5K and The Who 6.5K. Poor Santana only got 750 bones. We’re gonna guess Father John Misty is clearing that with his COACHELLA payout.

For two weekends in April (the weekends of the 14th and the 21th), music maniacs and revelers will descend upon Indio, CA to see an array of acts that cover the entire spectrum of popular music, from one of the biggest names in pop, Lady Gaga, to the original indie darlings, Radiohead. There’s less 80s and 9-s nostalgia this time around, and instead a focus on delivering tunes hotter than the Indio air, with some of the best electro/dance/pop artists and EDM DJs working today. Some are great and widely known, some obscure and up-and-coming, and one or two are unfortunately devoid of musical talent. But hey, auto-tune reliant vocalists are people, too. Holograms of dead iconic rappers, however, are in fact not people. That’s what the COACHELLA audience learned in 2012 when the hologram of Tupac Shakur took the stage, bewildering the crowd of 150K+.

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Jeremy Milikow