American Chemical Society

Evidently, NASA just found seven Earth-sized planets in a solar system 40 light years away. Since I’m generally confused/terrified by space, let’s postpone talks about a Matthew McConaughey in Interstellar trek across the cosmos and focus on the upcoming convention for the American Chemical Society (ACS). From April 2nd to April 6th, the American Chemical Society will convene for their 253rd national conference to the Mascone Center in San Francisco, CA.

I actually almost caused a dangerous explosion in my high school chemistry class. Our Director of Group Services accidentally spilled corrosive acid on the rolled-up cuff of his over-sized JNCO jeans at the same age. Those are just a couple reasons why UrbanRide has decided to excel in corporate and group transportation, and not science. But while we were being liabilities to the health and welfare of our classmates, a new crop of scientific minds were learning the building blocks of their future endeavors. We hope that the brightest minds in our classes that witnessed our failures are now proud members of the American Chemical Society.

This year the conference’s theme is Advanced Materials, Technologies, Systems & Processes. What goes on there? Excellent question, A+ for class participation. Our scientific method is a little dusty, but we deduced that there will be a thorough exploration into the intersection of technology and chemistry. That explanation is absolutely (and intentionally) vague. Truth be told, the Group Services team still defends the scientifically unsound Jurassic Park process of extracting “dino DNA” from prehistoric amber imprisoning ancient skeeters to clone dangerous, poisonous reptiles that will inevitably snack on Wayne Knight AKA Dennis Nedry AKA Newman on Seinfeld. Yes, that’s a run-on sentence that Sam Neill AKA Dr. Alan Grant would never be guilty of committing.

While the ACS knows more than we will ever comprehend about science and chemicals and the world in general, their familiarity with group transportation is clearly not informed by the all-encompassing knowledge of the Special Event Specialists at UrbanRide. With UrbanRide, you’ll arrive at the convention safely and in style. Whether you’re traveling alone, or with a group of fellow geniuses, our team of group specialists and expertly trained chauffeurs will study traffic patterns to select the most convenient and comfortable route. We have stunning, leather-interior SUVs and Executive Vans, as well as buses of all sizes to accommodate your team. With UrbanRide on your side, you can focus on your presentation instead of the San Francisco traffic. Let us make your travel as simple and soothing as possible while who think about how to make this world of ours better.

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Jeremy Milikow