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Secure Transportation Services

Security Services - Scaled

UrbanRide Security Services offers a full range of protective services, security technology and security training.  Based in Manila, Philippines, UrbanRide security services focuses on developed markets along with with developing markets in Asia, Africa, Central America and South America.

Our Protective Services include:

  • Secure Transportation
  • Security Consulting & Management

  • Risk Analysis & Threat Assessment

  • Secure Transportation

  • VIP close-protection Services

Our Technology Solutions include:

  • Encrypted Communications

  • Bug Sweeping

  • Advanced CCTV, Alarm, Communications, Control

  • Loss Prevention Tools

Our Training Services include:

  • VIP Protection

  • Security Agent Training

  • Hand Gun Training

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat

  • Operational Driving

  • Sharp Shooter Training

  • Maritime Security

  • SWAT

  • Aviation Security

  • Bank Security

  • Building Security

  • Military and Special Forces