National Medical Association’s (NMA) 115th Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly

Think about how many things have changed within the last 115 years. Barely footsteps into the 21st century, Teddy Roosevelt became the first American President to ride in an automobile in 1902. Cuba gained their independence. The first teddy bear was made. Think of that; what were kids attached to before teddy bears? Their toys were basically terrifying miniature scarecrows filled with straw and aggressive strains of poison ivy. But for the past 115 years, the National Medical Association (NMA) has held their Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly. This year, from July 29th to the 2nd of August, the nation’s foremost forum on medical science and African American health will take place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.
In the NMA’s own words, “Each year, African American physicians and other health professionals from across the country convene to participate in the scholarly exchange of medical advances, discuss health policy priorities, and to share experience through networking opportunities.” It’s an amazing opportunity to gain knowledge, educate others, and network with some of the field’s top minds. If you’re on the fence about attending, the NMA lists 15 reasons to attend on their website, including “scholarly exchange,” “professional development,” special keynote speakers and award programs, and “diversity of thought, background, expertise, [and] geography.” It’s a deeply respected convention where the communication of cutting edge ideas blends with informed discourse to create an enriching experience and atmosphere.
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