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Everyone wants better service. It doesn’t matter the industry. The customer wants service faster, but retaining a high quality. And why shouldn’t they? We all have jobs to complete and places to be. At the end of the day, every job is customer service. At Knowledge 17, that’s a crucial step to appreciating the value of a conference that promotes advancements in what they called “shared services.” That could mean anything from IT assistance to cyber interaction with clients to increasing inter-department efficiency to make sure response times improve. From May 7th to the 11th, the Orange County Convention Center will be home to Knowledge 17. Attendees will be treated to an educational experience that will leave you with newfound appreciation for the intricacies of each job and the numerous ways to achieve improvement.

Here are some words about Knowledge 17’s mission statement, directly from their website: “Knowledge 17 is where you’ll experience IT, Customer Service, HR, and Security at lightspeed. Learn how to deliver business services faster with 400+ sessions customized for you—and 80% of breakouts delivered by your peers. This is the most efficient and fastest way to get practical advice, in‑depth training, and access to 13,000+ community experts driving the future of shared services and digital transformation.”

Knowledge 17 also has a unique experience called “CreatorCon.” While I know nothing about web design or development — outside of whatever my young mind soaked in from ‘90s tech flicks like The Net and Hackers — it seems like an amazing opportunity. According to their website, “CreatorCon is the place to be for developers and architects interested in the ServiceNow platform. Join us for three days of hacking, learning, and connecting with your fellow techies.” Sure, considering the ongoing investigations over international espionage, hacking probably isn’t a word that’s smiled upon in most circles. But at Knowledge 17 you’ll be amongst like-minded friends and allies.

Channeling the same customer-first mentality as the Knowledge 17 attendees, UrbanRide’s product advancements have also been noteworthy. With the release of the UrbanRide app - called MyDMC - the meeting planner has more power than ever before. MyDMC is a paperless manifest that updates in real time. That means you can safely wave goodbye to the messy, paper manifests of the past. Say hello to the future of group transportation: MyDMC!

Just like Knowledge 17 promotes simplifying processes to create a more enriching customer experience, UrbanRide is completely dedicated to simplifying ground transportation. We make booking with UrbanRide fast and easy because we know every planner has a thousand decisions to make for each meeting. UrbanRide is here to simplify ground transportation and give you DMC-quality service on a global scale. That’s the sort of mission statement that would be welcome at Knowledge 17.

From a single VIP executive to treating your whole company to a Knowledge 17 team-building educational experience, UrbanRide simplifies the transportation process for events of all sizes. With UrbanRide on your side you can focus on the convention, not the Orlando tourist traffic and parking at the Orange County Convention Center. Contact UrbanRide today and one of our group service specialists will assist you with finding the most appropriate vehicle and service package for your visit to Knowledge 17.

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Jeremy Milikow