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Viva Las Vegas!

What is the appeal of Las Vegas? Is it the lore of Frankie and Dino? The romanticizing of the mafia presence? The bright lights? The blah blah blah in Vegas, stays in Vegas? Let’s dig deeper into what the town is, and what it isn’t.

Las Vegas realized recently that gambling is an obvious draw, but that it needed something else. They needed to make it feel like home away from home. By that we mean lift the most charming aspects of your city and build a desert-bound doppelganger of it. Granted, Vegas’ idea of people’s home is usually a far cry away from the original embodiment. But the familiarity brings a little comfort to the tourist. It starts with New York, New York Casino, with a rendition of the Statue of Liberty and other notable NYC landmarks. There’s Paris Las Vegas and their own Eiffel Tower. Or The Venetian trying to capture Venetian gondola rides through trash-ridden water. There’s a flaw right there – there is no trash at The Venetian. But in addition to clearly recognizable iconic imagery, they have also dabbled in bringing quintessential restaurants from all over the country to Vegas.

Rao’s of Harlem in NYC is impossible to get a table at. It’s a restaurant that has been around since 1896, that is less about the food and more about who you have to know to get a seat at this exclusive 10-seater. So what did Vegas do? They went to Rao’s with a basket of cash and said come do this in Las Vegas. And they did. As did Brooklyn’s famed DiFara Pizzeria. However, this was a far-cry from 80 year old master pie-maker Dominick DeMarco spinning dough. It was more like a SBARRO at a mall, inside a well-decorated purgatory. Caesar’s Palace is all right, I suppose. Al’s Beef – the famed Italian Beef sandwich shop from Chicago – has already closed its doors in Vegas. While there are mixed results in bringing branches of famed restaurants to Vegas, there has been a successful and delicious influx of celebrity chefs given insane quantities of money to open their own spots.

Here are a few of those Chefs, and we encourage you to frequent any of their restaurants: Tom Colicchio, Pierre Gagnaire, Nobu Matsuhisa, Guy Savoy, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, Mario Batali, Gordon Ramsay, and Bobby Flay. Not mentioned: Guy Fieri. We don’t endorse anyone who wears sunglasses on the back of their head and describes food as “bomb, awesome-gooey-cheesy slide to flavor-town.”

The renaissance of Downtown Vegas cannot be ignored. In fact, many locals and old Vegas Pros say to hit it up when The Strip’s sound and fury loses it’s lustre. There is a more low-key vibe, with great new restaurants, cocktail lounges, and a spirit that tethers you to a history deeper than The Strip. When I go, I stay at The Golden Nugget because I like to be close to the kitschy dome people zipline across. And of course because they have a slide that goes through a shark tank.

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