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French Open

May 2012

In May 2012 the next French Open will commence on the clay courts of the Stade Roland Garros. For two weeks the world’s leading tennis players will participate in one of the most demanding and challenging tournaments of any sport. With an event as rich with history and excitement as the French Open, one of the four Grand Slam tournaments, we know that you want your mind on every match point, not on transportation concerns.

With years of experience servicing large events in and around Paris, our chauffeurs and staff possess the skills required to provide peerless service again and again. Our Parisian garage is state of the art and our knowledge of the city is unmatched. At UrbanRide we tailor every trip specifically for the client, taking into consideration fluctuating travel times based on traffic patterns and road conditions. Our mission is to deliver you quickly and safely to your destination so you can enjoy every moment of the French Open. We don’t want you stuck in traffic as the winner lifts the trophy is victory, use UrbanRide and ensure a memorable visit to the historic games.