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A wise man once said, “Sometimes you’re only as strong as your teeth.” That man was my last dentist before I moved from Brooklyn, an impossibly pleasant man who I consider an ambassador for the dental arts. His intent was to serve his patients in a way that they feel like home. He understood the fears, both physical and financial, that his patients experience, and wanted to relieve the stress by making them feel heard, understood, and comforted. His service excellence would be supported and commended by the Windy City specialists in the Chicago Dental Society. From February 23-25, 2017 the Chicago Dental Society will be hosting their 152nd Midwinter Meeting at the McCormick Place Convention Center.

The theme of the Chicago Dental Society’s 2017 meeting is “Leadership: Cornerstone for Success.” There are a lot of ways to lead. Whether it’s in sports or politics or the dental arts, you hear about leading by example. Exemplifying the character traits and moral fortitude you expect from others and demonstrating them yourself. Leading with an iron fist can be especially unwise – and painful – for those in the dental industry.

Here are some thoughts from Chicago Dental Society president Phillip J. Fijal: “Leadership matters. It matters in our families, our communities, our practices and our profession. Without leadership we have no direction, no vision, and our lives are lived without purpose. That is why I chose this year’s theme, “LEADERSHIP: Cornerstone For Success.” On behalf of the Chicago Dental Society’s Board of Directors and staff, my wife, Jan, and I would like to extend our invitation to attend this year’s 152nd Midwinter Meeting. The intent of this year’s meeting is to enhance everyone’s leadership skills through a variety of classes that are offered for each member of the dental team. Knowing the clinicians speaking are already considered leaders in their field, I have asked each of them to take a small amount of time in their courses to share with you what leadership means to them, how they demonstrate their own leadership style, and what tips they can impart that will help improve your leadership when you return to the office.”

Some of the courses offered at the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting are entirely translatable to those without a background in dentistry. There’s “Drama Queens, Pot Stirrers & Problem Makers” – which sounds like a reality show on MTV3 – and its subtitle “Transform Toxic Attitudes to Tremendous Attitudes.” Or maybe the business/advertising minded course labeled “Your Image/Your Brand/Your Success: What Does it Take to Have Your Patients Refer?” But if anyone can tell me what this next course means I’ll give you a (sugar free) cookie: “Prosthodontic Overview of Restoring Edentulous Arch with Emphasis on Atrophic Maxilla.”

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For additional information on the Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting you can find everything you need to know over at this website: http://www.cds.org/meetings-events/midwinter-meeting