Kentucky Derby (2017)

It’s horse-racing season, so on May 6th (after your Cinco de Mayo party) throw on your finest seersucker suit and floppy, insanely oversized hat and head to The Churchill Downs Racetrack in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby (2017). You’re sure to have a grand ol’ time and see a medley of wild characters, including my 97 year old grandmother, who goes every year specifically for the Mint Juleps.

Now - who are the horses?! Chances are 90% of the Kentucky Derby (2017) crowd knows zilch about horse-racing, so my advice is to choose the horse with THE GRANDEST names. Word from the barn is Kentucky-bred competitor Hot Sean is the odds-on favorite. That was a lie, he is a 60:1 underdog, but we have a Sean here at UrbanRide and it would be nice to let him know there is a horse that is hotter than him. A few other under-the-radar picks this year are Lancaster Bomber, Patch, Reach The World, and J Boys Echo. In my humble opinion those names don’t hold a candle to Hot Sean, but what do I know? I’m just an ex-jockey with 5,000 races under my belt. Replace ex-jockey with current “Group Service Specialist” and races with “corporate events” and that last sentence is not a lie.

Besides gambling, drinking, and fashion, the Kentucky Derby (2017) is also a hotbed for celebrity sightings. Last year a favorite sighting was all-pro gridiron star Rob Gronkowski clad in plaid, sporting sunglasses with whales on the lenses. He looked like he was prepared for neither whaling or horse-racing spectating, but nonetheless brought a smile to everyone’s face. Conversely, Gronk’s teammate Tom Brady was in attendance. Although he rarely makes anyone outside of New England smile, we salute his revolutionary tie-under-the-shirt approach to style.

If you’re planning on cheering for your favorite horse at the Kentucky Derby (2017) while sippin’ on a few cocktails and mixing with celebrities, then let us treat you like one. UrbanRide can transport you to the race safely and in style. Our professionally-trained and experienced chauffeurs have intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of getting you to the famed Churchill Downs Racetrack. We have a dynamic fleet of executive-quality specialty vehicles ranging from Sedans and SUVs to Executive Vans and Buses, perfect for accommodating groups of any size. So whether you’re just looking to catch the races with friends and family, or if you’re planning an outing for clients or employees, we have you covered. As the Special Event Specialists, we have garages in every major metropolitan area in the United States and abroad. But no place has the magic, the charm, and quintessential “spring is in the air” feel of Louisville when those 3 special words are exclaimed: “And they’re off!”

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Jeremy Milikow