MLB All-Star Game (2017)

This year the MLB All-Star Game (2017) will take place in Miami, July 11th at Marlins Park. The stadium has been criticized for its garish color scheme, hefty tax-payer price tag, and a home run sculpture that looks like a Lisa Frank/Jimmy Buffet collaboration.

However, the naysayers are wrong! The statue belongs in the MOMA, the colors are beautiful, and at least the stadium made some bold choices. CITI Field in Flushing, New York simply ripped off the design of old Ebbets Field mixed with Coors Field, and celebrated the Brooklyn Dodgers more than the team that inhibits it (the New York Mets). 

This is the year the MLB All-Star game finally means nothing again. For years the midsummer classic decided home field advantage in the World Series. How did this come to be? Milwaukee, 2002. The scene of the crime of the century. This is the year the MLB All-Star Game ended in a tie, much to the nation’s chagrin. This ploy to lend actual narrative weight to the All-Star game undermined the entire purpose of the game: Celebrating the American past-time in a fan-friendly way with a smile and a sense of levity. Finally we can return to not caring again, and embrace the contest as the sun-drenched escapist exhibition game it was meant to be!
However, the players did used to care. Too much. Back in 1970 - AKA THE DAWN OF DISCO – Pete Rose ended Ray Fosse’s career back after he unapologetically barreled into him at home plate to score the winning run. Considering Rose was banned from baseball for gambling, perhaps he had bet on the game and needed to protect his investment. Obviously, we need to find a middle ground somewhere between Charlie Hustle and a tie to make the MLB All-Star Game fun again. Perhaps you have to drink a beer before you bat?

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