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Air Crew Transportation

Ground Transportation for Air Crews

Air Crew Transportation

UrbanRide provides professional and reliable crew transportation anywhere in the world. So whether you need high volume service in a single hub city or ground support at one or more domestic or international locations, UrbanRide is ready to partner with you to provide the safe and reliable transportation for your crews.

We understand how important it is to keep your crews on schedule. We also understand that budgets are tight. With UrbanRide, you can maximize the value of your ground transportation budget and ensure your operation runs as smoothly as possible. UrbanRide understands that airline crew transportation is complicated and dynamic. We also understand how important it is to keep crews on schedule even when the schedule is changing. We pride ourselves on our reliability and flexibility to meet the demanding needs of a global airline operation.

Technological Capabilities

UrbanRide understands the importance of adapting ourselves to the workflow of our airline clients. UrbanRide has in-house IT resources to customize an interface with your proprietary scheduling systems and maximize the efficiency of your crew transportation operations. Whether you prefer a full real-time integration or a data conversion module, UrbanRide will provide the right support to get start working quickly with your crew scheduling department on meeting your crew transportation needs.

For more information on our crew transportation capabilities, please contact UrbanRide today.